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Print Lover Bundle

The Print Lover Bundle includes our World Map Print, Yoga Poses Print and Wooden Print Hanger. 

Core Benefits:

✔ Encourages mindfulness and self-awareness

✔ Teaches how to be present

✔ Sparks imaginations

About World Map Print
Our World Map Print has been developed as a mindfulness tool to ignite curiosity, spark creativity and unite humanity. This is human-centred learning at its best.
About Yoga Poses Print
Our beautifully hand-illustrated yoga educational print features 26 fun, easy to follow illustrated yoga poses that can be displayed at home, or in a classroom.
About Wooden Print Hanger
Best way to display your Yoga Poses Print? With our beautifully made Wooden Print Hanger! (Please note Poster Hanger does not include Yoga Poses Print)