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"You Can't Stop the Waves, But you can learn to surf" - Jon Kabat-Zinn

"I believe mindfulness is something everykid can benefit from, which is why I love this coloring book. Each letter of the alphabet is paired with a poem meant to introduce yourng brains to the concept. It also comes with colored pencils with affirmations like "I am enough' and 'I deserve to be happy' etched onto them. Can't go wrong with strong messages like that!"

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It's Just Perfect!

I bought this as soon as it was released, I love going back in time with my daughter and telling the Sesame Street story! Great puzzle and keeps my little one busy piecing it together.

Mindful Moments with Sesame Street Floor Puzzle

Grandies Love It!

Being from an educational background I love providing fun learning opportunities to share with my grandchildren. This puzzle is a great starting point for little ones to start exploring the world🙂

Margaret D.
World Map Floor Puzzle

Regulation Tool With Patience Pebbles

I work in the Esrly Childhood sector in a very high needs environment. We love this beautiful resource. It feels nice to handle, they come in interesting shapes to feel, and to look at. They rjequire focus, concentration and build resilience and patience...

Kathryn O.
Patience Pebbles

Fantastic Puzzle!

Both my children (2 and 4y.o) love this puzzle and have learnt about all the different animals and landmarks about every country.

Puzzle is excellent quality and beautiful to look at once completed.

I can see us using it for years to come!

Dani G.
World Map Floor Puzzle

Yoga Babies

I’ve purchased 4 mats now, 3 for my grandchildren and one for my sisters grand daughter. They all love them and we are happy with the quality.

Gayna F.
Printed Kids Yoga Mats

Why Mindfulness?

It’s a way of being that empowers and encourages young minds instead of hindering them, or barricading them, or telling them to “be realistic” or “toughen up”. It is distinct. A new perspective, and a better way of life.


Introducing our best collaboration, set in the heart of Central Park, NY with Sesame Street friends, unleash creativity and mindfulness with puzzles that captivate and educate.

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Happy Hearts Board Game: Fostering Connection and Emotional Intelligence

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