About Us

At Mindful and Co - Kids, we believe the art of mindfulness has the ability to change lives, and perhaps even save them.

Born out of the innate groundings that our mind, body and spirit are holistically intertwined, our mission is to inspire, strengthen, and foster happier, healthier more resilient young minds through mindfulness, with the bigger vision to change the staggering and alarming mental health statistics for young people.

To us, mindfulness go beyond a class, or a yoga mat.

It’s a way of being that empowers and encourages young minds instead of hindering them, or barricading them, or telling them to “be realistic” or “toughen up”. It is distinct. A new perspective, and a better way of life.

As parents, we want to give our children the cosmos, yet at the same time, protect them from everything it harbours.

So, isn’t the greatest gift we can give our little humans the knowledge and strength to move through it, gently and consciously?

Our children are taught Maths, English, Geography and Science at school - but no classes teach them how to be comfortable in silence, how to love themselves fully, and how to unashamedly trust their inner voice. 

Through yoga and mindfulness exercises, we invite our children to connect deeper with themselves, and the world around them. We give them the tools to take into scary situations, difficult relationships, big life decisions, and feel assured and safe in their choices.


About Jacqueline 


The world of psychology has always been a fascinating one for our founder, Jacqueline Yeats. Throughout her years of study, she found herself spending countless hours researching the art of mindfulness, and the indisputable benefits it has over the mind, body and spirit.

With the light, however, comes the dark. And as a mother and qualified youth
counsellor, the confronting truth about mental health and youth suicide statistics in
Australia truly struck home. As a holistic wellness coach at Finding Your Peace,
Jacqueline saw first-end the benefits that mindfulness provided to her clients. Grounded by the belief the principles of mindfulness and self-awareness can confront negative emotions before they take hold, Jacqueline began to introduce the concept of mindful living to her own children from a young age.

The results were incontrovertibly positive. Before her eyes, she saw her children, during moments of overwhelm, hold the ability to self-soothe, regulate emotion, and practice self awareness, not just to themselves, but to those around them, even their pet, Charlie.

Mindful living had an immediate and positive effect on her children. And this started a ripple effect throughout every area of their lives. Driven by the desire to help other parents educate their children in the art of mindfulness - it is Jacqueline’s hope that she is able to inspire a new generation on their journey of success, growth, and happiness.

Having spent over two years conducting research on the scientific benefits of
mindfulness as a treatment for anxiety and depression as part of her research-based Master’s degree, Jacqueline holds the firm belief that mindfulness has the ability to help decrease youth suicide rates and help youths overcome stress, anxiety, and depression.

By instilling the practices of gratitude, self-affirmation and kindness, and inspiring a future where every child has access to an education in self-awareness, she believes together, we can influence and empower the next generation to live the fulfilled life they deserve.

And so, Mindful & Co - Kids was born..