7 Ways to Fill Your Child's Emotional Bucket

Our children, just like any other human being need emotional support. The basic premise of filling a child's emotional bucket is that every child carries around an invisible bucket that as parents we must pour love and attention into everyday. 


Every time we nurture, touch, sing, hold and provide loving attention to our children we fill our child's emotional bucket. When the child's bucket is full they feel great. When it's empty they feel awful. Children need small periods of quality time with their parents outside of care giving moments each day to feel content to get on with their important work of play.


Here are 7 ways for filling a child’s emotional bucket through care giving activities and mindful presence:


1. Have them help around the house

2. Sit and play with them

3. Morning stories

4. Ask specific questions about their day

5. Do something creative together

6. Snuggle together

7. Use words of affirmation