How To Heat & Cool Charlie The Weighted Puppy Dog

Beautifully designed and super soft, Charlie The Weighted Puppy Dog can be refrigerated for cold therapy, heated for heat therapy, and is infused with dried French lavender flowers for relaxation and medical stone which is a natural silicate mineral, making him perfect for all our gluten free friends. After many of our beautiful customers feedback, we've put together some simple instructions on how to easily heat and cool your little ones Charlie Puppy!


Heat your Charlie to: 

Comfort, stay warm on cold nights, soothe muscles, joints and tension 

Warming instructions:

600-800 W Mircowave 90 seconds

850-1000 W Mircowave 60 seconds



Cool your Charlie to: 

Comfort hot nights, soothe bumps and bruises, enjoy the relaxing lavender scent

Cooling instructions:

Place on a clean surface or in a bag in the freezer or refrigerator for up to several hours to cool desired temperature.