Retail Partner Spotlight: Sweet Paper

We would love to introduce you to one of our much loved Retail Partners in La Jolla, California, Sweet Paper. This gorgeous store offers a curated selection of greetings cards, stationery, gifts, and party supplies, as well as custom invitations and personal stationery.

Can you tell us a little bit about your store and how it started?

Theresa Anderson started the store in May 2010 with her sister Julie because of their love for stationery. I purchased the store from Theresa in May 2022 for my love of stationery and gifts. I was immediately drawn to how this brick-and-mortar location would be a physical manifestation of all the things important to me, personally and professionally.

I’ve been a creative person my whole life, designing my own wearables, producing photography, web and digital design, and curating home goods collections, while always having close relationships with team members and business partners across all disciplines. Sweet Paper represented the chance to take all of those passions and successes and distill them into a space that others can experience on a regular basis.

While the business had been successful prior to my ownership, I am grateful and excited to evolve the offerings, expand our services, grow our connection with the La Jolla community, and continue to offer a great location for staff to work and visitors and residents of La Jolla to equally enjoy.

Sweet Paper specializes in custom stationery, wedding invitations, holiday cards, and a wide array of curated gifts for your loved ones… when you think about it, we offer items that support the fabric of family and personal connections and those types of connections are what life is all about.

 Sweet Paper

Your store is so lovingly curated, what products appeal to you as a buyer?

I love businesses that source their materials ethically. I love brands that are changing the narrative of what a candle, necklace or coloring book can mean to someone.

What Mindful & Co Kids product is a favourite amongst your beautiful customers?

I think all the Mindful & Co Kids products are favorites. Our customers love how thoughtful each item is and the education it gives the child without knowing they are being educated and developing their thought processes. 


What is your favourite Mindful & Co Kids product?

I grew up as the child of an artist but I could not draw myself, unfortunately. When I wanted to colour something my mother would outline a house on a lake, a sea animal, or anything that came to her mind for me. I would then fill in the colors I wanted, so I think the ABCs of Mindfulness coloring book is my favourite. They give me a sense of nostalgia when I would color my mother's sketches. 


What are you most grateful for this year?

I am most grateful for taking the leap and trusting myself to take over Sweet Paper. Not everyone has the faith in themselves to take the leap from the normal 9-5.