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Happy Hearts Board Game

Calm hearts, calm heads, designed for littlies. Happy Hearts weaves science-backed mindfulness techniques - like gratitude and body awareness with yoga and breathing -  into a lovingly made, hand-illustrated board game. To develop a growth mindset. To ignite laughter. And to bring joy to playtime. 

Product Details
The science of mindfulness has been widely studied for decades now. And the resounding findings? Mindfulness opens the door to a world of goodness for your littly. From boosting your little one’s working memory, to increasing cognitive flexibility and attentiveness, to boosting their overall happiness, the benefits of mindfulness practices are far-reaching and create a healthy, positive lens for your child to experience the world through. With dreamy illustrations and thoughtful details, this beautifully crafted board game will have your little ones taking a moment to hit pause in our busy world, and carving out their own individual pockets of calm.  As you journey around the board, you’ll be met with:  Yoga Poses By moving their body with yoga, your little one will be on their way to building a healthy mind, a refined focus, and confidence grown from connecting their brain with their body. Happy Cards Our thought-provoking Happy Cards encourage your little ones to consider and express what they are grateful for. In doing this, they will be cultivating a growth mindset - a key ingredient in the recipe for a successful life. Studies show that gratitude has profound impacts on our health. Practicing gratitude can leave our littles more likely to sleep well, have improved immune system function, and healthier relationships with others. Funny Faces A surefire way to get your whole group giggling. Pull your funniest face for a release of stress-quashing endorphins and close interpersonal connection.  Belly Breathe Through deep belly breathing, your little ones will find their internal quiet and a peaceful body boost. Like an anchor in stormy seas, mindfulness breathing will keep them safe and calm, wherever they are. Monkey Brain Look out for the Monkey Brain tiles. When you land on one of these, it means that it’s time to take a step back… literally! Oh bananas! Sleepy Sloth Like a sleepy sloth, you're cosy in your tree and catch some zZzZs. You’re so busy resting that you miss your next turn. A good reminder for your little one of how important those naps are!  Jumping Joey  When you land on this tile, you’ll get moving like a little Joey and jump forward a number of spaces.
The Finer Details
Crafted by our founder and psychotherapist, Jacqueline, Happy Hearts is a loving blend of joy, science, and healthy brain training. In the box, you’ll find: 1 hand-illustrated game board, 1 dice, 4 player tokens, A how-to-play information card, 30 beautifully crafted Happy Cards Living room, classroom, inside or out, for maximum joy, play this game wherever you please, and play often.

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    Ge R.
    Australia Australia
    Lovely afternoon activity

    My daughter loves this game and asks to play all the time! The cards in the game are my fave- though she loves funny faces the most. Such a hit we have started buying for friends’ birthday presents :)

    Kate R.
    Australia Australia
    Beautiful birthday gift

    I purchased for a 7 year old birthday and they have played the game everyday since they got it!

    Teresa M.
    Australia Australia
    The most Adorable things

    Love every single item you have to offer, I have brought almost most and would have to say that the colouring in book and affirmations are my fav, but so is the board game, genius thoughts put behinds them all. Great little treasures so hard to give away!!

    Jen M.
    Australia Australia
    Happy hearts

    This game was bought by a Nana ( me) with two very busy, noisy grandkids 8 and 7. They have an awareness of yoga and breathing etc from their family and myself. Together we opened it and played a few times. It was a hit and when their mum came to pick them up she played too. Throughly recommend this game. The happy cards were challenging enough for them to read and decide on an answer thoughtfully. There was still a bit of noise and lots of laughter, as intended by the game. Jen

    Lynette W.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Mindful board game

    I love it. I use it at home with my 3 grandchildren and at work. I'm a kindergarten teacher. I love the happy cards.

    Claudia K.
    Australia Australia
    Beautiful game

    I purchased the Happy hearts game for my daughter and I to play together. I love that it covers breath, mindfulness, growth mindset, gratitude AND yoga. It tests her window of tolerance a little with the skip a turn, go back etc challenges and offers the skills to work through it at the same time. I highly recommend it and it’s beautiful quality too. My daughter really loves it and I’ll introduce my youngest to it in coming years. As a therapist I am thinking of purchasing a second one for work too. My only regret is not purchasing the yoga cards as well :)

    Michele D.
    Australia Australia
    Happy Hearts

    I have sent the board game to my nieces who are overseas and am eagerly awaiting their ‘shrills of delight’ when they get to open the box and play. I know they will love it.

    riana d.
    Australia Australia
    Good game to do with kids

    Nice game to do with kids

    Skye W.
    Australia Australia
    Makes my heart happy!

    So much fun, interactive and loved the details and thoughtfulness

    Ally G.
    Australia Australia
    Refreshing, wholesome family fun

    So glad I have invested with your products. They are beautiful, my daughter and I love them and use them nightly, helping us tune out from the world and electronics.

    Casey M.
    Australia Australia
    Loved by the entire family!

    We received our Happy Hearts board game not long before Perth WA went into our 3rd covid lockdown, so our household of 2 boys under 5 plus mum & dad were starting to feel the pressure of being cooped up. When we started playing it wasn’t long before we were smiling, laughing, pulling ridiculous faces and feeling just overwhelming proud of our 5yo son who was able to articulate his feelings about school, family and life in general. Landing on the yoga poses really helped my husband see the benefits of this game and now he loves to play. Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool that I believe will be used frequently in our home. You can’t put a price on family time